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PC Cleaning

When was the last time your computer was thoroughly cleaned? Chances are it could be hurting your systems performance. In recent tests we found that some of the newer computers are sensitive to dust build-up. Not only can it hurt performance, it can clog up fans and cause the internal temperature in your case to rise to a point that actually reduces service life! Our PC Cleaning service includes a removal of necessary access panels on your computer and a thorough "pressure dusting" of the internal components, as well as a vacuuming of an residual foreign materials from the inside. After your PC is re-assembled the exterior is cleaned with PC friendly cleaner and your monitor is wiped down with CRT or LCD specific cleansers. After we are done you will swear your PC is brand new!

Curious about the real-world impact of dust on today's computers we conducted several tests. On one machine that we benchmarked we literally saw the graphics performance double in a 3d intensive video game...just from cleaning out the dust!

Here are some typical results of cleaning a modern PC:

- CPU Fan Speed reduced by over 50% (much quieter!)

- CPU temperature reduced by over 40%

- System temperature reduced by over 20%

- Hard Drive temperature reduced by 10%


PC Cleaning Charge:

  • $39 per computer. *Some geographic restrictions will require a one hour minimum for on-site service at $79 per hour

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